By Zalina Dezhina
By Zalina Dezhina

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My first article was published when I was 16 in a small provincial newspaper. Since that time I wrote more often and worked in different media: TV, radio, newspaper, news agencies, online media, communication agency.

I can work in a daily newspaper and write as fast as possible, but mostly prefer to explore the topic longer and use different lenses to look at it. Below you can find links on samples of my work and full CV.  


A co-production of the BBC, Public Radio International

Searched for stories, organized journalist's work in Russia, interviewed, translated


No country for old men

Rights activists struggle in Russia

Religious intolerance 


Other BBC stories I helped to organize


Russia beer sales suffering tax hike

Business slow at Moscow flea market



Russia business report for BBC




Nizhny Novgorod



A high-wire act: Reforming Russia's circus

The Voice of Russia (Sputnik now)

Producer and author, radio


Save Russian caviar!

Moscow: youth takes over business

Our best friends are in danger


Evening Moscow newspaper, газета "Вечерняя Москва"

Author, автор (in Russian)


Самая тихая парикмахерская города 

Белоруссия станет ближе: открыт платный участок Минского шоссе


Editor of convergent air, редактор конвергентного эфира (in Russian)

Московский вечер 11 декабря 2014 года


Russian Reporter magazin, "Русский Репортер"

Free-lance author, внештатный автор (in Russian)


Horror-man, "Человек-ужас"

Parallel cinema, "Параллельное кино" 


Medved magazin, журнал "Медведь"

Free-lance author, внештатный автор (in Russian)


Page with my texts, страница с моими текстами

Somewhere in Moscow region, looking for snow in April for BBC team
Somewhere in Moscow region, looking for snow in April for BBC team