Natalia Gurova &Sabine Fessler 6/6 - 13/6/2015 15. Bezirk, Wien,Schwendermarkt.

We walked with a trolley through the district and rang at peoples doors to ask for plants which people keep in their flats. The plants might be special to them or in need of special care. We interviewed the owners about the species, address, location, special needs and history of it. We asked to borrow the indoor plant for two hours for our artistic research and told them that we were going to bring it back. Then we installed the plant on our trolley and went for a walk through the district. Outside, it could get fresh air and sun. In our marketbooth we made sketches of the plant. Together with the information that we got, we created a documentation that shows the inhabitants of the Grätzel, through their little natural habitats in their interiors. To be continued...

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